Pectus excavatum is a congenital deformity of the chest wall that consists of a sinking of the sternum and ribs. In severe cases it can cause chest pain, a feeling of shortness of breath with exercise, increased heart rate or arrhythmias. Surgical treatment is indicated in cases that produce symptoms and in severe cases in which the patient wants to correct the deformity for aesthetic or even psychological reasons .

In recent years, we have incorporated a new minimally invasive technique for the correction of pectus excavatum in adult patients, consisting of the implantation of a silicone prosthesis tailored to the patient’s deformity, based on 3D images obtained from a chest CT preoperative The prosthesis perfectly conforms to the sagging of the patient’s chest, placing the prosthesis below the pectoral muscles. This surgical technique has been a revolution in the treatment of pectus excavatum.

The results of the operation are excellent, the patient only requires a few hours of hospital admission and returns to active life immediately, since the process is very painless, with an immediate perception of change in image.

The 3D personalized implant technique in adult patients with pectus excavatum has been incorporated into the Service Portfolio of our Center with high expectations and great demand from patients with pectus excavatum.

Dr. Antonio Álvarez Kindelán.

Head of Thoracic Surgery Service.

Hospital Quirónsalud Córdoba.

Cordoba Red Cross Hospital.