Eckart Klobe vacuum bell for pectus excavatum with flexible silicone body, viewing window and vacuum pump.

Available in various sizes depending on the size and the patient’s defect..

The Eckart Klobe Vacuum Bell is an alternative to Pectus Excavatum surgery as it is non-surgical and non-invasive. 

Its function is the non-invasive elevation of the pectus excavatum.

The bell or vacuum bell modifies the mechanical resistance of the bones, cartilage and ligaments involved in the sinking. Despite this, the internal muscles tend to retract the sag. Therefore, another function of the bell is to dilate those muscles and weaken their traction.

To see results from the correction of pectus excavatum, it is necessary to apply the vacuum bell regularly and for a long period of time.


  1.  Large Vacuum Bell (26 cm). For people of height equal to or greater than 1.70 m
  2.  Vacuum Bell Small (19 cm). For people of height equal to or greater than 1.40 m
  3. Vacuum Bell Small (19 cm). For trainers and special applications. For people taller than 1.40m
  4. Vacuum Bell Small Type Woman (19 cm). For women at the beginning of breast development and height equal to or greater than 1.40m
  5. Vacuum Bell Mini (16 cm). For children of height equal to or greater than 1.05 m

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