It is recommended that they assess the degree of pectus in hospital centers with experience in this type of pathology and knowledgeable about the different surgical techniques in order to solve each case adapted to each patient.

Also, it is very important to know the complications derived from the surgery and its adequate solution. Today, the most recommended technique is the 3D silicone implant tailored to the patient. It is a technique developed by ACV.External , with exceptional morphological results and a high degree of patient satisfaction, since it is the least invasive surgery with zero risk . .

ACV.External has trained the best professionals throughout the national territory.

This technique is performed in the specialty of thoracic surgery , with the specialist assessing and indicating the type of treatment or surgical technique to be performed.

In this link you can obtain more information about the list of specialized professionals for pectus excavatum , pectus carinatum and poland syndrome :